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CCHA: A Case to Support the Heart

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CCHA: A Case to Support the Heart

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The Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance (CCHA) is the only national organization that supports and advocates for the over 257,000 children and adults in Canadian living with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

CHD is  the most common birth defect, affecting 1 in 100 babies born worldwide.  CHD is a general term for a range of birth defects that affect the normal way the heart works, and are present at birth. It requires lifelong, specialized care including many auxiliary needs and challenges such as; insurance, mental health, disability, financial planning, healthcare and expenses etc.

Unfortunately, funding and awareness for CHD is not commensurate with the number of people living with it as a result of:

  • Low priority list for many healthcare facilities & research
  • Misunderstanding between acquired (congestive) and congenital
  • Lack of understanding that lifelong, specialized care is required

To help bring light and combat these challenges, CCHA’s Mission is to advocate for and enrich the lives of people with CHD through awareness, education, research and support.

Here are a few examples  of how we deliver on this mission

  • Partnered with the CHD medical community to provide education conferences and seminars in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto.
  • Established the Professional Advisory Board and our ongoing relationship with the CHD medical community
  • Awarded  a Government of Ontario grant of $180,000+ for development and delivery of our Fearless Physical Activity, in collaboration with CHEO Research Institute
  • Celebrated our 10th anniversary of CCHA and Cardiac Health Foundation’s partnership in the Walk of Life
  • Put CCHA on the map as a recognized charity and partner within the cardiology community across Canada

Keep an eye out for announcements in the coming months about exciting partnerships and collaborations in Awareness, Education, Research and Support!

How can you help:

Donations made to CCHA help support the following critical areas, initiatives and programs that are embedded in our Mission

  1. Building awareness for CHD
    1. Support programs and campaigns that help raise awareness of CHD and the need for lifelong care
    2. Help bring light to and find those Canadians living with CHD that have been lost to follow-up reconnect with medical specialist to ensure they are getting the care they need.
  2. Creating education programs and resources
    1. Help continue to create resources that help individuals living with CHD and their families better understand diagnosis, treatment and care options and needs.
    2. Support the development of education programs to ensure that Canadians living with CHD are properly transitioning from pediatric to adult care - a key step in stemming lost-to follow-up.
    3. Expand programs that are helping people living with CHD better manage and participate in active, healthy lifestyles within the boundaries of their conditions.
  3. Support and Advocacy
    1. Advocate for and advance CHD research and ensuring dissemination of findings and translation into tangible programs and information
    2. Build local support groups and programs across the country to help people living with CHD and their families.

As a volunteer-run organization, we have achieved a lot – and we’re not stopping anytime soon. We have been at the forefront of driving momentum for CHD awareness and research in Canada, and we want to keep moving forward. This is why we need your support now more than ever. We ask that you consider making a donation to CCHA this year to help us continue to move forward.

3 ways to donate*:

Donate Now Through!PayPal donation

By mail:

Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance 3230 Yonge Street Suite 2001  Toronto, ON  M4N 3P6

* Donations over $20 receive a charitable tax receipt.



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